Simple Satin Tags, 1.5" Wide Ribbon


Personalized satin labels measuring 0.5”x1.5” once folded and sewn in. Printed with black ink on white satin ribbon. Cut edges should be sewn into a seam or turned under. See below for full description and to design and preview your custom labels.


Satin label set personalized with your name, shop, or message. Fold over Labels measure 0.5"x1.5" once folded and sewn in. White satin ribbon printed with black ink. Labels come cut and ready to sew in. Cut edges must be sewn into a seam or turned under to prevent ribbon unravelling.

Your custom fabric labels are designed, cut, and printed in-house to ensure you're happy with every last detail.

Proudly, thoughtfully crafted, from our studio to yours. 


FOLDED TAGS: measure 1.75" x 1.5”  before folding - labels fold to measure  0.5” x 1.5” (printing space) plus 3/8” seam allowance per side

PRECUT: labels come cut and ready to use

TAG MATERIAL: white satin ribbon, 1.5” wide

PRINTING: tags are printed with permanent black wash care resin ink

CARE: Machine wash and dry

Click here for detailed usage instructions 
How to Order Personalized Tags

1 - Select the number of tags you would like to purchase from the drop down menu

2-Add your personalization in the "Your Text Here" boxes and change the font to get your labels just right. Type Spacebar to leave a line blank.

3-Once your happy with your design, add your order to the cart. If you would like us to fix any vertical alignment or spacing problems, select the checkbox at the bottom of the personalizer. You can also leave us any special instructions as checkout.

Ordering and Shipping

PRODUCTION: takes approximately 3-4 business days after ordering

USA: (3-7 days, tracked)
Canada: (5-7 days, untracked)
International: (2-4 weeks, untracked)

Customer Reviews

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Katelyn Wolfram
Horrible Customer Service!

I ordered tags for maybe the 4-5th time but ended up not needing them. Before I even contacted the seller I looked at her cancellation policy to see if she even would except cancellation- the policy was if I contacted her within 24hrs. they would fully refund me. I contacted her immediately telling the seller why I no longer needed them and asked her to cancel my order. She didn’t answer for almost 2 days- when she answered she made several excuses which were outrageous. A child could make up a better lie! She started by telling me the policy I sent a screenshot of was on her Etsy shop but it obviously had the website address at the bottom of the screen. She sent back a screenshot of her website policy saying it was different even though it was the exact screenshot I took. Then she told me, “sorry you were correct”.
Her second excuse was that the time was up to make a cancellation (but it only was because she didn’t answer for almost two days). She then proceeded to go ahead and MAKE AND SHIP my order after I told her to cancel it.
At the time of me messaging her initially, my email was not working so I messaged her on Etsy which I told her in the first message.
Her 3rd excuse was that she could only cancel it if I had emailed it to her. I know for a fact that the email goes to the same person because I have emailed before this mishap and she was the one that responded.
I said she could keep the stupid shipping cost and refund the rest when she processed to tell me to “never contact me again”. I told her if she doesn’t want to expect cancellation within 24hrs then change your shop policy. She again said “this discussion is closed, never contact me again.”

Extremely rude seller, never buy for this horrible shop. If I bought on Etsy rather than the store, I would’ve gotten Etsy involved. Waste of $35 & time!