Shipping Policies & Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Policies

Shipping Rates

We offer flat-rate shipping to most destinations worldwide. The rates are as follows:

United States (shipped via USPS):

  • First Class $4.50 USD | 3-5 business days | tracked
  • Priority $8.50 | 2-3 business days | tracked
  • Express $23.50 | 1-2 business days guaranteed | tracked

Canada (shipped via Canada Post):

  • $2.00 USD | 3-5 business days | Not Tracked

International (shipped via Canada Post):

  • $11.00 USD | 10 - 25 business days | Not Tracked

Processing Time

Our standard processing time is 2-3 business days if no proof is requested. If a proof is requested by the customer, processing time will be 2-3 days plus proof approval time.

Shipping Time

Delivery times vary depending on the destination country and can range from 5-25 business days.

Please note that we cannot guarantee delivery dates or times. Shipping times may be delayed due to customs processing, weather conditions, or other factors beyond our control.

Shipping Carriers

For orders shipping to the United States, we ship via USPS (United States Postal Service) and ship from Port Huron, Michigan. For orders shipping to Canada and elsewhere in the world, we ship from via Canada Post and ship from Sarnia, Ontario.

Once your order has shipped, you will receive a confirmation email. If your order was shipped to the USA you will recieve your tracking number with this email. 

International Shipping

We are happy to ship our products worldwide. International orders outside of the USA are shipped without tracking to keep costs down.

Please note that international customers outside of the USA and Canada are responsible for any customs, duties, or taxes imposed by their country. We recommend that you contact your local customs office for more information. 

USPS marked it delivered, but it was not there

If you received a delivery notice, only to find your parcel is nowhere to be found, here is some information you should know:

• USPS delivery vans have GPS that sometimes automatically updates a shipment as "delivered" prematurely. Wait another business day because the package was most likely marked as delivered accidentally, and will arrive the following day

•Contact your local post office. Make sure to call your LOCAL OFFICE, and NOT the USPS HOTLINE (this can take a lot of time, and they only tell you what the tracking already says). Ask them who delivered the parcel, and ask them details about that day's delivery. They are used to these types of questions, and can usually provide helpful information
•If the parcel does not show up (extremely rare occasion), please call the Post Office and file a claim.

Cotton Labels


What is the difference between cut and uncut labels?

UNCUT LABELS: come as a printed sheet of fabric with a layer of lamination on the back to prevent fraying. The fabric has cut marks at the corners of each label to help you cut them out. 

• We suggest using a rotary cutter and ruler or scissors to cut out your labels

PRECUT LABELS: will come as ready to use individual paper-backed labels; just remove the paper backing and either iron or sew on. 

What is the difference between flat and folded labels?

FLAT LABELS: are meant to be sewn on or ironed flat onto the item

FOLDED LABELS: are folded in half and the top edges are sewn into a seam or around the edge of an item (like most clothing tags).

•The folded labels have only one side sewn down and the folded part is not secured

Can you make black labels with white or colored text/images?

Labels are printed on white cotton fabric; however, if your logo or image has a black or patterned background we can print the image on the labels including the background.

Please note the black will be printed and not a true black fabric.

Can cotton tags be machine washed?

Yes. Delicate cycle machine wash and tumble dry low. Excessive heat can affect the fray resistant backing.

Harsh cleaning agents can causing fading or damage to labels and should not be used. 

Do cotton tags fray?

No, We apply a light layer of lamination to the back of the cotton labels to seal the cut edges and prevent fraying.

Do you save design files for reordering?

Yes! Click on the Reorder button at the top right corner of the website to go to your account and reorder past designs. 

Click here to reorder tags from a previous ETSY order (From bordercityquilts on etsy)

Sew On

Why is there a backing on the sew on tags?

Without a backing, the cotton labels would fray when used or washed. We apply a light layer of lamination to the back of the cotton tags to seal the cut edges and prevent fraying. 

Iron On

What materials can be used with iron on tags?

REGULAR IRON ON: use on iron safe fabric or yarn

Apply with a hot iron (no steam) for 3 seconds. We suggest testing a scrap of fabric with your iron to ensure the fabric will not melt/burn.

For acrylic yarn: iron only the tag surface to prevent yarn from melting. 

HEAVY IRON ON: use on cotton fabrics

Apply with a hot iron (no steam) for 15 seconds. We suggest testing a scrap of fabric with your iron to ensure the fabric will not melt/burn.

Full usage instructions here.

My iron on tags aren’t sticking. Help!

If your iron on labels are not sticking, the problem is usually due to either:

1. Heating the tags for too long. Ensure you are following the correct ironing time

•regular iron on - 3 seconds, •heavy iron on 15 seconds)

2. Not letting the labels cool before moving or touching them. •After ironing the labels, they should not be touched or moved for at least a full 2 minutes to allow the adhesive to cool and set.

•Moving the item/label while it's still warm can cause the adhesive to separate or the tag to fall off.

Can I remove Iron on tags?

The tags have an industrial adhesive on them, but heating them up again with an iron should loosen the adhesive enough to remove the tags. However, some adhesive residue may remain after removing the tags.

Satin Labels

Can you print my logo in color on satin tags?

No. Satin Labels are black ink only (no greyscale, only black ink on white ribbon)

Can you use satin tags on knitting or crochet?

Yes, but the cut edges of the satin tags will have to be secured to prevent unraveling. Fold the edges under, use a zig-zag stitch across the top or apply fray check liquid sealant.

Will satin tags fray?

The sides of the satin tags are woven and will not fray. The cut edges of the satin tags have to be secured to prevent unraveling, usually by sewing into a seam or turning the edges under before sewing on. 

Can satin tags be machine washed?

Yes. Machine wash and dry on any household setting. Harsh cleaners or chemicals can cause damage to the tags and are not recommended. 

General Questions

Can you split an order into two different names/years?

Unfortunaetly No. There is one design per label set. 

How are the tags made?

Our products are designed, cut, and printed in our studio to ensure you're happy with every last detail. We do not contract out our production or dropship your item from another manufacturer. 

Can I get half an order of tags?

The label sets come in quantities based on the size of the tag (larger labels have less per set than smaller labels). Due to the production process, we cannot sell the labels in smaller quantities than one complete set. 

Returns and Exchanges

Due to the custom nature of our labels, we do not accept returns or exchanges. If an error occurred with your order please reach out to us and we will do our best to make it right. 

Is there a quantity discount when ordering multiple sets of labels?

Yes. Discounts are automatically applied when purchasing larger quantities. Each product has the discounts built into the pricing.