How to Use Our Labels

For your convenience, EverEmblem labels are available in many materials and attachment styles. Below you'll find instructions on how to attach and care for each type of label.

Care Instructions for All Cotton Labels:  Wash on delicate cycle and tumble dry low. Avoid excessive heat to prevent label from detaching or coming loose at the corners.

Cotton Labels

Sew-On Labels

1. Peel the paper off your label before sewing. This will reveal a thin layer of laminated backing that prevents the cotton from fraying.

2. (optional) If you'd like to hold your label in place before sewing, iron it against your item for a couple of seconds and let cool completely.

3. Sew label onto your product. Labels can be hand- or machine-sewn to most fabrics and knitwear.

Iron-On Labels

1. Use only on iron-safe fabric or yarn. We suggest testing a scrap of fabric with your iron for the recommended time (see step 2).

For acrylic yarn: iron only the label surface to prevent yarn from melting.

2. Remove paper backing from label and heat with a hot iron.

Regular iron on: heat for 3 full seconds using some pressure. Best for delicate fabrics and yarn.

Heavy iron on: heat for 15 full seconds using firm pressure.

(Note: heating for longer than directed time will not make for better adhesion.) 

3. Allow the label to completely cool before moving the item or checking for adhesion. Wait at least 2 full minutes (possibly longer if label is still warm!) Moving it while it's still warm can cause the adhesive to separate or the label to fall off.

4. If corners are not fully adhered after the first ironing and cooling, repeat steps 1 - 3 focusing on the corners.

Tip: To attach labels to oddly-shaped items, use a small craft iron or hair straightener following the instructions above.

Please note: Iron-on tags can be machine-sewn before or after adhering, though it is not required.

Fold-Over Labels

1. Peel the paper backing off your label before sewing.

2. Fold label in half.

3. Sew the free edge into a seam or secure the edge of your item with a line of stitching.

Tip: Labels can be hand- or machine-sewn to most fabrics and knitwear.

UnCut Labels

1. Using scissors or a rotary cutter and ruler, follow the cutting guides printed on the corners of each label.

2. Leave paper backing on labels until you are ready to use them. 

3. Uncut labels are available as either sew-ons or iron-ons. Once you are ready to attach your tags, follow the instructions for your label type found at the top of this page. 

Satin Labels

Note: Satin labels come pre-cut and ready to sew in. Ironing is not necessary and is not recommended.

Treat the edges of the label to prevent unraveling. Depending on your preference, you can do this in any of the following ways:

• Sew the top and bottom edges of satin labels into a seam.
• Use a zig zag stitch across edges. 
• Apply fray check liquid sealant to edges.
• Fold edges under and stitch across.

Satin Label Care Instructions: Machine wash and dry on any household setting.