Labeling Your Craft with Custom Sewing Labels: The Signature of a True Artisan

A Warm Hello to My Fellow Makers!

Ever caught yourself marvelling at a beautifully crafted piece and noticed that little tag or label that whispers, "Hey, I'm special"? That's the power of custom labels, my friends. 

As someone who's spent countless hours turning raw materials into treasures, I've learned that those final touches truly make our creations sing. So, let's dive into why I believe every piece we craft deserves its own little sign-off.

A close-up photo of a hand-crocheted blanket in shades of blue and cream, highlighting a custom cotton fabric label that reads "stitched by Christina Adams" with a tulip image, sewn onto the blanket

🤷‍♀️ Why should you use a custom label?

Because it's not just a label; it's the signature of your soul. It's the difference between "just made" and "lovingly crafted by."

Choosing the Perfect Sewing Label for Your Masterpiece

Cotton or Satin? Let's Talk Options:

  • Cotton Labels: The go-to choice for almost everything.
    • Like a reliable friend – versatile enough for sturdy applications like a kid’s backpack or gentle uses such as a baby blanket.
    • Offers two application methods: sew-on for lasting durability or iron-on for quick fixes.
    • Either flat or folded options
  • Satin Labels: Silky and durable, bringing elegance and luxury.
    • Perfect for projects that require a touch of sophistication.
    • An economical option for projects that require many labels
    • multiple folded sizes can have a logo and sizing on one side and washing instructions on the back

A creative workspace setup featuring two packets of EverEmblem fabric labels, one labeled

😍 Our 1"x2" Cotton Labels  are the top pick for crafters seeking both versatility and ease of use. These labels, available in sets of 40 flat labels , are perfectly sized for a wide range of projects, from handmade clothing to personalized quilts. Designed to cater to your crafting needs, they offer the flexibility of being  sew-on or iron-on, making them an indispensable tool in your crafting kit.

Attaching Labels Your Creations: A How-To

Getting those custom sewing labels in place is part of the fun. Whether you're team sew-on (count me in!) or team iron-on, the joy is in making that label a seamless part of your creation. And if you're wondering about getting it just right, trust me, it's easier than you think. A little patience, a good needle, and you're golden.


Sew-On Labels:

  1. Preparation: Remove the paper to expose a laminated backing that prevents fraying.
  2. Optional Pre-Sewing Step: Iron the label on your item for a few seconds to temporarily hold it in place before sewing. Allow it to cool completely.
  3. Attachment: Sew the label onto your product. Both hand-sewing and machine-sewing are suitable for most fabrics and knitwear.

Iron-On Labels:

  1. Fabric Compatibility: Ensure the fabric or yarn is iron-safe. Test with a scrap piece if unsure.
    • For acrylic yarn: Iron only the label to avoid melting the yarn.
  2. Ironing Instructions:
    • Regular iron-on: Press with a hot iron for 3 seconds using some pressure, suitable for delicate fabrics and yarn.
    • Heavy iron-on: Press with firm pressure for 15 seconds. Do not exceed the recommended time as it doesn't improve adhesion.
  3. Cooling: Allow the label to cool for at least 2 minutes before checking adhesion. Moving it while warm may cause the adhesive to fail.
  4. Reapplication (if needed): If corners aren't fully adhered, repeat the ironing process focusing on those areas.

Fold-Over Labels:

  1. Preparation: Remove the paper backing.
  2. Folding: Fold the label in half.
  3. Sewing: Sew the free edge into a seam or secure it with a stitching line. Suitable for hand or machine sewing.

Uncut Labels:

  1. Cutting: Use scissors or a rotary cutter following the printed guides.
  2. Preparation: Keep the paper backing until ready to use.
  3. Attachment: Choose between sew-on or iron-on methods as appropriate for your label type.
A hand presenting a custom cotton fabric label from EverEmblem with the name "Stitched By Christina Adams" printed next to two red tulip motifs. In the soft-focused background, packets of various EverEmblem label types, such as

Satin Labels

  • Preparation: Satin labels are pre-cut and do not require ironing.
  • Edge Treatment: To prevent unraveling, options include sewing into a seam, zigzag stitching the edges, applying fray check, or folding and stitching the edges under.
  • Care Instructions: Machine washable and dryable on any household setting.
A crafting scene with a pack of EverEmblem

Beyond the Ordinary: Getting Creative with Custom Sewing Labels

Picture this: a cheeky little label playing peek-a-boo from the edge of a cozy scarf or strutting its stuff front and center on a tote bag that's all kinds of awesome. These little guys are so much more than just markers; they're like little love notes that make every piece shout, "Yep, I'm one of a kind!" (or "Made with love by [Your Name]," if it's finding a new home as a gift).

Now, imagine you've poured your heart into knitting a sweater. It’s cuddly, it’s warm, and it’s got your signature all over it. Sew on a label that says, "Knit with all the feels by [Your Name], [Year]," and bam – it's no longer just a sweater. It’s a warm hug, a story wrapped in yarn, ready to be cherished for years to come.

And oh, let’s not forget about that quilt. Each piece tells a tale, every stitch a secret. Add a label saying, "Stitched for [Their Name], to celebrate [That Special Moment]." Suddenly, it's not just a quilt; it's a treasure trove of memories, a celebration sewn into every square.

But why stop there? In this digital age, our labels can do so much more. Imagine a QR code on your label that leads to a video of you crafting, a playlist for cozy vibes, or even a photo diary of your creation coming to life. The sky's the limit, and I’m all here for it.

In a world where everything feels like it's on repeat, these custom sewing labels are your shoutout to authenticity and pure crafty love. They whisper (or heck, sometimes even shout), "This was made just for you," making every piece unmistakably special – whether it's staying with you or you're sending it off wrapped in love.

So, yeah, labels? They’re not just about putting a name to a face. They're our way to connect, to share our stories, and to turn the everyday into something absolutely extraordinary. Here’s to making every stitch, every craft, and every label count.

Wrapping It Up: Why We Do What We Do

Crafting isn't just a hobby or a business; it's a piece of our heart that we share with the world. And those custom labels? They're our autographs. So whether you're a fan of the versatile cotton or the sophisticated satin, remember that each label you add to your work is a testament to your dedication to your craft.

A dynamic display of EverEmblem