Iron-On Labels 101: A Quick and Easy Labelling Method

As a crafter or business owner, you know that adding labels to your handmade items is essential for providing identification and a personal touch to your cherished handmade items. Iron-on labels offer a fast and easy way to add that finishing touch to your projects. In this guide, we will explore different types of iron-on labels and how to use them effectively, providing you with a seamless and convenient labeling solution.

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Types of Iron-On Fabric Labels

When it comes to custom printed labels, there are various options available. At EverEmblem, we offer two options of cotton printed iron on labels: standard iron-on labels and heavy iron-on labels. Any of the cotton labels at EverEmblem can be made into iron on labels by selecting your preferred iron on type from the Attachment options when ordering.

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Standard Iron-On Labels:

These labels feature a lighter adhesive backing, making them perfect for delicate fabrics and synthetic yarn.

To apply them, remove the protective paper backing, place the label where you would like it and apply with a hot, dry iron for 3 seconds, ensuring a good bond between the label and the item. If needed, protect the fabric by using a pressing cloth during application. Although it might be tempting to heat the labels for longer than 3 seconds to ensure a strong bong, we don't recommend it; heating the adhesive for too long can actually cause the adhesive to break down and not work correctly.

We have found that heating for 3 seconds and then letting the labels cool completely is the best way for the adhesive to form a strong bond - and no picking at the corners to check on the bond until the label is completely cool! This separates the layers of adhesive and the label will come off. Strong bonding comes to those who wait!

Heavy Iron-On Labels:

If you're working with cotton fabrics or other materials that can withstand higher temperatures, heavy iron-on labels provide the strongest bond to fabric without sewing. If your fabric or yarn can handle being exposed to high heat from an iron for 15+ seconds with firm pressure without melting or being damaged, we recommend using the heavy backing over the standard backing. 

To use the heavy iron on labels, first remove the paper backing and place the label where you would like it. Apply the label with a hot, dry iron for 15 to 30 seconds, applying firm pressure. Remember to let the labels cool completely before moving the item to ensure a secure bond. Firm pressure is important here, don't just set the iron down and count to 15 - use some pressure! 

2"x3" Flying Honeybee label can be found here.

Washing and Durability

When it comes to maintaining your custom printed labels, it's important to follow proper care instructions. For all iron-on labels, we recommend washing items with labels on a gentle cycle and avoid using harsh cleaners or laundry additives. Heavy iron-on labels offer better durability than standard iron on labels and can withstand regular cycle washing, but delicate cycle is recommended for longevity of the labels. 

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Benefits of Custom Iron on Labels

Custom printed iron on labels by EverEmblem allow you to personalize your creations, adding a professional touch and helping to establish your brand. Whether you're selling handmade items or gifting them to loved ones, custom printed labels provide a lasting impression and make your work stand out.

At EverEmblem, we understand the importance of custom printed labels in adding that special touch to your sewing projects and handmade items. Our high-quality labels are designed to meet the specific needs of crafters and business owners, providing you with a convenient and reliable labeling solution.

Remember to choose the appropriate type of iron-on label based on the item you are adhering the label to and follow the application instructions for the best results. Incorporating custom printed labels into your creations not only adds value but also showcases your attention to detail and commitment to quality.

A cozy workspace scene with a black coffee mug wrapped in a handmade turquoise crochet cozy featuring a tiny custom iron-on label with a signature. The label adds a personal branding touch to the item, illustrating how custom iron-on tags can be used for even the smallest of handmade goods

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