5 Easy Ways to Label Your Quilt

When it comes to quilting, every stitch tells a story of creativity and dedication. A beautiful quilt deserves to be recognized, and one way to leave your mark is by adding a personalized label. Here are five easy ways to label your quilt using EverEmblem fabric labels. Our custom fabric labels are designed, cut, and printed in-house to ensure the highest quality. With a wide range of options and attachment methods, EverEmblem labels offer the perfect finishing touch for your quilts.

1. Sew-On Labels:

Sewing on a flat cotton label to your quilt is a classic method for labeling your quilt. Either hand or machine-sew your label onto a corner or desired location on your quilt, ensuring it's securely fastened along all four edges. EverEmblem sew on labels have a fray-proof backing, so there is no need to turn under edges, saving you time and frustration. This traditional approach adds a touch of charm and craftsmanship to your creation. This 2"x1" vintage bumble bee label is machine-sewn onto a cute baby quilt to showcase the quiltmaker and provide a sturdy label that will last for years to come. 

2. Iron-On Labels:

For a convenient and fuss-free option, use a flat cotton iron-on label. Apply the label to your quilt using a hot iron, following the provided instructions. The iron-on attachment ensures a durable bond without the need for sewing. Simply position the label on the back (or even the front for a bold statement) of your quilt and press it with the iron for a secure and lasting attachment. This single personalized quilt label measures 4.5"x 3" and has a space for both the maker and the recipient. 

3. Satin Label Tucked into Binding:

Create a graceful and elegant touch by utilizing a folded satin label tucked into the binding of your quilt. Fold the label in half and position the label within the binding on the back of your quilt, near one of the corners. Using a needle and thread, hand sew the label securely into place, ensuring the stitches are hidden within the binding. This method not only adds a touch of sophistication but also provides a discreet yet meaningful way to showcase your personalization. Here we used a medium sized satin label (1.5" wide) with a vintage sewing machine to sew into the binding. 

4. Folded Cotton Labels in Binding:

Achieve a polished and professional look by machine sewing a folded cotton label into the binding of your quilt. It's a simple process that yields stunning results. When machine sewing on the binding, add your cotton folded label under your binding and sew it in with your binding. This method not only showcases your craftsmanship but also ensures that your quilt stands out with a unique and professional finishing touch. This folded label is 1"x1" after folding and is a cute way to add your name or branding to your work. 

5. Personalized Single Labels:

For a truely unique touch, consider using EverEmblem's personalized single fabric labels. These labels are perfect for adding specific information, such as the recipient's name and the occasion, to your quilt. These single labels are larger labels that can be made as traditional quilt labels with a seam allowance to turn under before stitching onto a quilt, or they can have an iron on or sew on backing applied. A traditional quilt label has the seam allowance turned under and machine sewn down then the label was hand sewn onto a flannel baby quilt.

Labelling your quilt with EverEmblem flat cotton labels is a wonderful way to add a personal touch and showcase your craftsmanship. Whether you prefer sew-on labels, iron-on labels, satin labels, folded cotton labels in the binding, or personalized single labels, EverEmblem provides a range of options to suit your style and preferences.