Step-by-Step Guide to Hand Sewing a Custom Sewing Label on a Blanket

Custom sewing labels are more than just decorative additions to your handmade blankets; they carry sentimental value and create a lasting legacy. By sewing on one of EverEmblem's unfinished single labels, you have the opportunity to add a meaningful touch to your blanket as well as leave a heartfelt message or record important details. In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of sewing on an unfinished cotton label, ensuring that your blanket becomes a cherished heirloom.

Preparing Your Materials

You will need your unfinished cotton label, a sharp sewing needle (here I used an embroidery needle), white sewing thread, scissors, and an iron. Optional supplies include a washable school glue stick and a thimble. 

Turn the edges under on your label

Using the printed guidelines, turn under the pinked edges on your label and iron them down. Ironing the top and bottom first, then ironing the sides produces a nice, flat label.

Optional step: Use some washable school glue to hold the folded seam allowances down. Ironing the seam allowances after gluing will set the glue and keep the seam allowances down. Keep the glue away from the folded area to make hand sewing easier!

Determine the Placement of the label

Choose the ideal location for your label on the blanket, such as the corner or the backside near the binding.

Optional step: Use clips or pins to hold the label in place for hand sewing (or a little more washable glue if you do not want any pin holes in the label!)

Hand-Sew on the Label

Thread your sewing needle and knot the end of the thread. Starting from the backside of the blanket, bring the needle up through the label and hide the knot behind the label. Then bring the needle down into the backing fabric right behind where you came up through the label, taking a tiny stitch. Then, traveling through the quilt or yarn, bring the needle up about 1/4" away into the seam of the label. This starts the next stitch. 

You can then bring the needle down into the backing fabric/yarn right behind where you came up through the label making your second tiny stitch. Keeping the needle coming up closer to the fold of the label will make your stitches smaller and neater. Repeat this all the way around your label. As you approach the end of your stitching, knot the thread to secure it in place and hide the thread tail. Done!

By incorporating a personalized quilt label into your blanket, you create a treasured keepsake that tells a unique story. Sewing on EverEmblem's unfinished single labels adds a personal touch that connects generations and preserves family history. Follow the step-by-step instructions outlined in this guide to ensure that your label is securely attached, allowing your blanket to become a timeless and cherished heirloom.